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Spider Control & Treatment

Redback spider
Spider web in tree

Guardian Pest Control offers treatment for spiders in homes, offices, schools and factories.
Treatments can be carried out externally or combined with an internal treatment.
We treat around windows, doors, under eaves, pergolas, washing lines and fences.
The treatment can take up to 1-2 weeks to be fully effective.
Not every spider will be eliminated however the treatment will help control them.

We offer a 3 month warranty period and will send you a 12 monthly reminder of when your next treatment is due. You also may find some streaking on windows which may be cleaned off the day after treatment. We strongly advise to leave any cobwebs for one week before removing with a broom or duster to get best results.

It is helpful to our technicians if you are able to identify the type or types of spiders at your home as different species require different methods of treatment.

Click here for help with identifying spiders or view our spider identification chart. Spider Chart PDF

Did you know?
Spring is the best time to have your property treated for spiders
Most spiders lay their eggs in a silk sack (up to 1,000 eggs), and live for around 1-2 years
Spiders have no spine and shed their skins as they grow

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