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There are quite a few different options when it comes to mosquito control. There are different methods to deal with the various stages of their life cycle. We can spray, fog, treat the bodies of water where they breed and there are also traps designed to help with controlling mosquitoes.
Mosquito activity is now recognised as the main way Buruli (Bairnsdale) flesh eating ulcer is spreading throughout South East Melbourne.
Mycobacterium ulcerians has moved from Gippsland into Melbourne where it is now endemic on the Morningnton Peninsula.
All mosquitoes require water to breed so the removal of this source can assist in gaining control of an infestation.
A pest technician would be able to work out the best treatment by visiting and making an assessment of the property.

Controlling mosquitoes around your home

  • Remove anything in your yard that collects water including, rubbish, tyres and old pots. Drill holes in tyre swings to allow water drainage.

  • Trailers, boats, tools, wheelbarrows and children's toys should be covered or overturned.

  • Pet water bowls, bird baths and water features should be cleaned out weekly. Ideally wipe the inside of these containers to remove the eggs and dispose of the cloth.

  • Roof guttering can provide an ideal breeding ground for Mosquitoes so keep gutters and drains clean to ensure that they do not become blocked.

  • Swimming pools should be well maintained and securely covered or emptied when not in use.

  • Ensure that water storage tank openings, lids and pipes are well fitted or covered with gauze or mesh.

  • Lawns and gardens should be kept trimmed to reduce the areas where mosquitoes rest.

Some Interesting Mosquito Facts:

  • Male mosquitoes don't bite, only the female does as she needs protein from blood to help develop her eggs!

  • Mosquitoes have been around for more than 210 million years!

  • Mosquitoes transmit disease and are therefore considered to be the deadliest animal in the world!
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