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Flea control
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Fleas are a parasite feeding on blood of warm blooded animals and humans, they prefer warm, humid conditions which is why they are often a pest during summer. Fleas can cause acute irritation and infection and sometimes transfer other parasites, such as tapeworm. Fleas are one of the most significant conveyers of disease to humans and some animals, usually being cats and dogs.

Symptoms of a flea bite include itchiness and red swollen lumps that may develop into a blister or small wound. Legs and feet are often targeted and scratching could cause secondary infections. Washing, icing and applying cream may help to reduce the bite.

Regular vacuuming of carpets and floors (disposing of the vacuum bags immediately) and washing pets with shampoo containing flea control products will help to eliminate this problem. However in severe cases pest control spraying of all floors and carpets would need to be carried out. Often an external treatment is required, if this is the case it is important that you mow the lawns and dispose of the clippings away from the house prior to the treatment.

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