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Bee and Wasp Control

Bee control

Bee Removal with Guardian Pest Control

Guardian Pest Control offers same day service for bee removal. Bees swarm in spring and summer and can often be quite aggressive and frightening. If bees are swarming they usually stay until dusk and then move off.
Guardian Pest Control can not carry out bee removal on swarming bees.
For more information on bee swarms please visit Southside Beekeepers

Bees tend to make a new hive inside the wall cavities or roof void of your home. If the hive is in these areas dusting and spraying the hive by a Guardian Pest Control technicians is the only way to eliminate them. Following treatment it is important that you block any access holes to the hive or remove the hive all together to ensure robber bees don't move in. Robber bees may be attracted to the scent or honey left behind by the bee hive we have eliminated for you. Guardian Pest Control takes no responsibility for a further bee swarm attracted to the old hive.

Guardian Pest Control - Wasp Removal

Wasp removal is definitely a job for a pest professional. Guardian Pest Control offers same day service for wasp removal. Nests can be found in the ground, tree stumps, rockeries, wall cavities and roof voids. When disturbed or agitated, wasps can become very aggressive and can sting their victim several times, the sting is very painful and cause very serious reactions.
Crawling into soft drink or beer cans they can inject venom inside a persons throat, if swallowed, causing massive swelling and possible suffocation.
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