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Bed Bug Control & Treatment

Bed bug control
Bed bugs on mattress
Bed bug bite
Bed Bugs are prevalent in hotels, motels and buildings where sleeping facilities exist. They are carried into your home on clothing, luggage, second hand furniture and other items, but not on people themselves. They get into your bed and feed on you during the night causing severe irritations as a result of the bites.
Our qualified technicians will be able to locate where they are hiding in your house, for example cracks in bed bases, bed heads, bedside tables, floors, walls and mattresses. They will chemically treat these areas to eliminate the problem. In severe cases a second treatment may be required to control the bedbug problem.

What you can do to help prevent / treat bed bigs

Wash sheets and dry in hot dryer for at least 30 mins.
Vacuum all floors, particularly the room edges, near furniture and around fixtures. Seal and discard vacuum bag immediately.
Regularly vacuum rooms, particularly behind beds.
Please be ready to leave as soon as our technician arrives.
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