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Preconstruction FAQs


Do I need termite protection for my new building or extension?

Yes, the Australian Standards 3660.1-2014 Termite Management Part 1 : New Building work and 3660.2-2014 Termite Management Part 2 : In and around existing buildings and structures requires that all new buildings be treated with an approved termite management system to deter subterranean termite attack. The system must be installed by a qualified and licenced pest technician.

Do you have any chemical free options?

Guardian Pest Control technicians are qualified to install both physical and chemical termite management systems. Advice should be sought early in the planning stage of the building project to determine the most effective system to install.

Will I be charged for a quote?

Guardian Pest Control offers free estimates and advice on all pest control jobs, including pre-construction termite management.

At what stage do I need to treat my new building or extension?

Call Guardian Pest Control for friendly advice or contact us to request a complimentary checklist for project managing the termite protection component of your building project.

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