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Bees and Wasps FAQs Treatment & Control

How do I tell the difference between bees and wasps?

The easiest way to identify the difference between bees and wasps is in their physical characteristics, bees have black legs and rounder bodies while wasps have yellow/orange legs and have a slender build.

How long does it take for the bees/wasps to die once treated?

It can take up to seven days to eliminate the bee hive as some bees and wasps may not be in the hive at the time of the treatment, the residue left behind will eradicate the returning bees or wasps on contact.

Can the hive be removed from my property without killing the bees?

If the hive is easily accessible i.e. hanging from a tree or other structure, an apiarist may be able to remove the hive without killing the bees.

Can a bee swarm be treated?

No. We can only treat for bees/wasps if the hive has been located. If the bees are swarming they often only stay for a day or so then move off to a new location.

Do I have to vacate my property when the treatment is carried out?

When treating bees and wasps it is not necessary for you to vacate your property, however it is recommended that you and your pets keep away from the nest area for approximately 24 hours.

Do I have to do anything prior or after the treatment?

Before we come out to treat for either bees or wasps, it is helpful if you can advise our technician the location of the hive. Any dust outside the nest can be cleaned away after seven days. Robber bees may be attracted to the scent or honey left behind by the bee hive we have eliminated for you. Is it important that you block entry points to the hive or if possible remove the hive all together.

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